Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Writer's Workshop

Whoa! 2 blog posts in 1 day! Who woulda thunk it?!

So via my friend Tima over in Living in Dar I am going to do a Writer's Workshop which she got from Moma Kat over at Moma's Losin It!.

The task is to choose a topic from her list and write about it then link back to her blog. I am choosing to:

Describe your dream home…house, location, and grounds.

Ok, here goes. My dream home would be in the country on a private lake with a minimum of 40 acres of land. It would have 5 bedrooms: 1 master, 1 for Zabba, 1 for The Hubby's stuff, 1 for a craft/sewing room for me and one as a guest bedroom

4 bathrooms: 1 master bath (complete with a multi-shower head shower, large jacuuzi tub and his and her sinks), 2 guest baths (1 full and 1 half bath) and 1 bath for Zabba

Dining room, Living room, Kitchen, Play room, Library and Office would be located on the main floor and be complete with all natural hard wood floors. The Kitchen would be state of the art and all rooms would be complete with a sound system so music can be played/heard in any room at any time. Each room would have their own ability to turn off the music if the person in the room so chose. All bedrooms would be on the second floor with the exception of the Master which would be on the 3rd floor kind of like a suite.

The back yard would be complete with a large play area that is reminicent of local school play areas. There would also be an area for The Hubby to bring a dirt bike, mud truck, 4-wheeler out to play.

Oh, and naturally there would be a cleaning service to come in every other day to keep the place clean!

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