Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am one proud mommy!

This morning Zabba and I were in the car on our way to daycare and we got to talking about going to the store and who she can go with.  I thought to myself this would be a good time to bring up "Stranger Danger" with her and I was not disappointed at all!  Here's how the morning panned out:

Zabba: Mommy I like to go to the store!  I get to buy Bug Juice

Me: Yes, I know.  But you should only go to the store with Mommy or Daddy or someone you know.

Z: Yeah but not with strangers!

M: You're right!  Not with strangers..good job!  But wait!  What if the stranger has a sucker?


Z:  No, not even if they have a sucker because they are a stranger.

Breif moment of me jumping for joy on the inside that my baby knew that answer!

M: VERY GOOD JOB!!  That is right! 

I'm so proud that she is getting that strangers don't always have her best interests in mind and that some of them could potentially hurt her.  This is definitely a conversation that I am going to be keeping up with her only I am going to be offering her different options as to what they could be telling her.

I hope she will never have to use this information in real life and that all those creepers out there leave my little girl alone!!  But that being said if she is approached by someone then hopefully she can do her best to help keep herself safe.

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