Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mindless Eating

I work in a dreaded cubicle farm aslo know as "the office". In this cubicle farm there are several people who bring in various different foods, many of which are NOT even remotely healthy for a person to eat. There are also several people who have dishes of delectible bites of milk chocolate and other naughties-my immediate supervisor is one of these people.

I have had to go into the supervisor's office a few times this week to discuss issues I am having with our database and a couple of other issues I've been having with persons not doing what they should be. Anyway, my point is-after sitting down with her to figure out a resolution, I have walked out of her office TWO TIMES this week with empty candy wrappers in my hand and do not remember conciously making the decision to eat said candy...I was just mindlessly eating bites size morsels of candy and wondering later why the hell my stomach hurt and why I felt high (I could literally feel my brain reacting to the addition of so much real sugar to my body after so long with out it in concentrated doses).

Obviously I eat while under stress, I guess I never realized how big of thing it was for me-now when I go into her office I'm going to make a concious effort to literally put the lid on her candy jar to deter me from eating it's contents.

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