Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My how fast time flies!

I just realized that I have posted one time in almost a year...I'm really very sorry about that. Things have been changing very rapidly in my life and it's been quite the ride!

In the last year the following things have happened:

  • My husband has lost his income so we are down to my income alone. He is finishing up his apprenticeship at the local tattoo shop so even tho he works 9-11 hour days, he's not getting compensated for them since his education is his payment...I guess I prefer to look at this as free schooling. He's doing side jobs to earn some extra cash which has helped and I have taken on another job to help with finances; which is sufficient for now.

  • We had to put Princess Ilean, our boxer of 7 1/2 years, to sleep on March 31st. WOW! that was hard. I still miss her but I know she is in a better place and she is no longer in pain. We think it was cancer that took her because of how quickly she deteriorated and the fact that she was not responding to any kinds of pain meds.

  • I have gone from 312 lbs to my current weight (as of this morning) 196lbs!! I feel fabulous!

  • I completed my first ever 5K! New goal for next year is to run it instead of walking it.

  • I completed my second ever 5K the following week.

  • Zabba has sprouted a new "sassy" attitude that I am still trying to figure out how to un-sprout (is that even a word?). MAN O MAN this kid has got A-T-I-T-U-D-E!! We have implemented operation "Hot Sauce" in our house when she is being naughty. The threat of this works better for us than time-outs and is apparently a worser fate than having your toenails ripped out one by one with a Barbie Tweezer.

  • Speaking of Barbie...she has invaded our house! On the plus side I like her better than the Bratz dolls that look like local prostitutes.

  • Got an awesome new tattoo in April and I hope to be adding onto it soon. Not quite sure how I will pay for it, but I guess a gal can dream...right?

Well, other that those things above, not much has been happening. I promised pictures for you in October and again in February so here they FINALLY are...the First one was taken October 19th the day before surgery and the last one was taken on July 25th at Zabba's 4th birthday party.

Here I am at a size 26/28 and 303.4lbs

Here I am at a size 16 and 198lbs