Tuesday, September 7, 2010

40 things before I turn 40

So I have been reading mommy blogs lately and as most of you know, if you read one blogger who references another blogger than you must go and check out the other blogger and then you like them and follow them and decide...hey! that's a great idea! I should do that on my blog! So, thanks to Law Momma over at Spilled Milk {and other atrocities} I have decided to make a list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40...this gives me 9 years 5 months and 15 days. Not that I'm counting or anything...

  1. Go horseback riding again
  2. Learn how to ice skate or ski (yes, I live in a climate where winter is 9 months out of the year and I don't know how to ice skate, ski or snowboard)
  3. Purchase a motorcycle and paint it purple and get a matching helmet
  4. Get a college degree
  5. Get out of debt
  6. Go back into debt by purchasing a house
  7. Learn to speak Spanish
  8. Take Zabba to Disney World
  9. Go to Mexico, Ireland, Germany or Italy (not in that order)
  10. Get more tattoos
  11. Become financially self sufficient (I think this could be a pipe dream, but I'm putting it on here anyway)
  12. Purchase a Chevy Nomad and paint it Cherry Red and White
  13. Go Camping with my family
  14. Buy a boat
  15. Go fishing with Zabba and The Hubby
  16. Go Sky Diving
  17. Purchase a bicycle for myself
  18. Become a stay at home mom...even though Zabba is starting school next year (*GASP*)
  19. Grow a flower garden
  20. Grow a veggie garden
  21. Learn to pickle/can veggies
  22. Make Grape Jelly
  23. Start my own business
  24. Become a more proficient sewer
  25. Stay in better contact with my family
  26. Run a 5K
  27. Get another dog...even though The Hubby is dead set against having another dog (I'm thinking this is another pipe dream)
  28. Purchase a bed frame (that's right, my matress is on the floor)
  29. Visit Las Vegas again and this time go see the Grand Canyon
  30. Go on a cruise to the Carribean
  31. Go on a vacation with my BFF
  32. Win the Lottery (even if it's just winning my dollar back!)
  33. Get plastic surgery (this is totally vain, but after BF'ing Zabba and losing all that weight, let's just say that things aren't where they are supposed to be)
  34. Donate my eggs to someone who can't use their own to get pregnant
  35. Work from home
  36. Have laser hair removal done on my legs so I never have to shave again (odd I know but I really hate shaving!)
  37. Buy a new wardrobe (I need to do this anyway, but I'm waiting until I'm done losing weight)
  38. Join another adult kickball and softball team
  39. Move to a warmer climate
  40. Bring Zabba to see the ocean

So...what's your list?

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