Thursday, September 9, 2010

What cosmic force did I piss off/on??

Have you ever had a week or 2 so bad that you just ask yourself...who in this cosmic world did I piss off or piss on and now they feel the need to make my life a living hell?  My poor family has been going through some pretty serious goings on lately...specifically my sister and my father-let's recap.

  • Thursday August 26th: Sister gets laid off from her job
  • Friday August 27th: Stepmother dies unexpectdedly-she was married to my father for 24 years
  • Tuesday August 31st: Father decides it's best for him to go back to work (only God knows why he would think this) driving his dump truck (I mean it's not as if he has to concentrate to do this job!) and has an accident at work which results in a partially amputated ring finger and an almost partially amputated middle finger on his left hand.
  • Thursday September 2nd: The apartment 3 doors down from my sister starts on fire and all have to evacuate the apartment building.  Thankfully(?!) no damage is done to my sister's apartment other than everything smells like burnt plastic.
  • Wednesday September 8th: One of my dad's birds (there were 4 total and they used to be step-mom's and also the loves of her life) died unexpectdedly
I'm starting to wonder really what we did to irritate the cosmic powers that be.  Also, I'm getting nervous everytime the phone rings and I see that it's one of my family members...I really don't know if I can handle any more bad news.

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  1. You poor thing. Sorry about your step mom. This week is mostly over. But if it doesn't move fast enough....
    You could always get someone to knock you into next week!?