Monday, February 2, 2009

Mommy! I got DOG HAIR!!!

Our boxer, Princess Ilean, is in the process of shedding her winter coat. This means that there is dog hair EVERYWHERE in my home. Well, my husband and my daughter are a little (a lot) OCD about getting dog hair on their clothes and get irritated that she would be so rude as to get some hair on them while they are...*gasp* petting her.

Well, Abby was standing at the top of the stairs and Princess was standing next to her waiting patiently for her to go down the stairs and below is the conversation that ensued:

Abby yelled "OH NO!!! MooooOOOOmmmYYY!!!"
Me: "What sweetie"
A: "Princess got DOG HAIR on me"
M: "Oh no! What are you going to do?!"
A: "Shave the dog."


  1. LMAO, You gotta love what they come out with. Machias loves petting our cats and Mya loves eating the fur she finds on the floor. UGHA. Im about ready to shave them because I'm tired of wrestling the hair and toe nails outta her mouth. :)

  2. HAHAHAHA that is hilarious! The last time she came over she had a piece of Cait's hair on her hand, kind of wound around her fingers and she was freaking least she didn't want to shave Cait!

    on a separate note, my "captcha" phrase is you think that means I am supposed to have a drink?