Friday, February 6, 2009


When you have a child, communication is key. If you don't have communication, the shi.....stuff can really hit the fan.

Today while Zabba was going potty first thing in the morning, it didn't sound right. I asked her if her butt hurt (meaning is she constipated) and she said yes. I tried to rack my brain and the last time she went that I could recall was on Monday. Well, I gave her some medicine sent her off to daycare.

I called daycare when I got to work because I had forgot to tell the daycare provider about me giving her some medicine to "help" her along. I found out that she had went to the bathroom yesterday-this is where communication would have really come in handy.

I went to pick up Zabba from daycare and she had on a different outfit than what I sent her in. I said "Uh Oh" was there an accident.

Aparently the laxative took effect while she was their bed. Oooops. She ruined their $100.00 bed spread and her new outfit she had on today.

Again, I repeat...communication is key.


  1. Uh oh... her poor outfit :o(

    You know, I should have read your 'about me' earlier. No wonder I'm enjoying your posts... I, too, have an Abigael Grace! Obviously the first name is spelled differently, but I'm betting we say them the same LOL Mine turned 2 in October. :o)

  2. Oh NO! Poor Zabba. Serves them right for not giving you the heads up on everything going on during her day at school.

    I hope she feels better now. Those tummy potty issues really suck now as its hard figuring out what exactly the problem is.

    Of course, Mac is a hypocondriac and is always begging for medicine because he is sick, so its really really hard to decide when he is or isnt' LOL.

  3. Oh Hey, I tagged you on my blog today. :) Hope you participate.