Wednesday, December 24, 2008 I have a blog...huh! Who knew?!

So, I decided since I set up this blog so many months ago that I should probably start to use it. I mean, why have something if you aren't going to use it....right?!

It's really too bad that I don't use this mentality when it comes to getting rid of things at home. Maybe this is something that I will resovle for the New Year. Get rid of things that I don't use. I shall make a list:
  • Gazelle (really, it's sitting outside collecting snow-best $200 snow collector I've ever seen!)
  • Scrapbook stuff (this is an illness. I buy and buy and buy and have no time to actually sit and put together a scrapbook! Shhh....I still haven't started Abby's book!!!)
  • Dust Rags (seriously the dust bunnies are taking over!!!)
  • Skinny Clothes (I guess if I would use the Gazelle, I wouldn't need to get rid of these would I?!)
  • 75-95% of Abby's toys that are fighting with the dust bunnies for space (really.)
  • 148,294,204,194,204,876 pounds of bathroom stuff that has been taken over by the dust bunnies

I'm sure there is so much more, and most of this will still be on my list of things to get rid of next year (scrapbook stuff) but I am going to resolve to atleast get some of the things off my list!

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  1. glad to see i'm not the only "collector" around.